Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jamboree from Terri W.

My mom used to make this.  It is a very simple recipe and pretty good.  Beats fast food.
One bag of small macaroni shells
Cook per instructions.
2 large cans of tomato soup
1 pound of lean ground beef
Fry ground beef until completely cooked.
Add to cooked (and drained)  shells.
Add tomato soup….do not add water.
Add spices as desired…salt, pepper or Mrs. Dash - whatever
If there are left over's, to reheat add more tomato soup depending on the amount you are heating up.  You want to just enough to make it moist again.  If you add water it really changes the taste…(and not for the good!)
Serve with butter bread.

Recipe for Eggs Benedict from a friend of a friend!

This is a new twist to Eggs Benedict. I made up the recipe. It is
not something we have often, but it is a real treat. Good for company

Hash brown potato patties, frozen
poached egg
Hollandaise sauce

Cook hash brown potatoes following package instructions. Cook bacon,
drain, break in half and place on top of potatoes. Top with a slice
of tomato, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. Great served with fruit.

Zucchini Relish from Kathryn G.

This is not a hard relish to make but does take some time.  A recipe from a very good friend of ours, it is a great way to use up some of that zucchini from the summer.  It freezes well and keeps indefinitely!!  My family loves it and friends enjoy it too.
Zucchini Relish


10 C zucchini (measured after running through largest blade of food chopper)
4 C onions (measured after put through same blade of food chopper)
Combine and sprinkle with 5 tsp salt.  Toss and let stand for 30 minutes.  Rinse in cold water, drain
Boil together
2 C vinegar,
4 C sugar
1 Tbs dry mustard
1 Tbs cornstarch
1 tsp each black pepper, tumeric, celery seed and mustard seed,
1 Tbs pickling spices (tied in a cloth bag)
2 fresh green peppers, chopped
2 fresh red peppers, chopped, (or use pimento)
Combine with zucchini/onion mix and cook for 20 minutes.
Remove spice sack
Seal in jars or freeze in containers

Sweet Potatoes in Cream with Bacon

This is a dish from the P. Allen web site. If you like to cook, I
suggest that you join his site (free) and check out all his

Sweet Potatoes in Cream with Bacon