Thursday, January 7, 2010

From My Good Friend Marie

Marie is a defense attorney like I was, and we met in court in San Diego. Pretty hot stuff!  I enjoyed eating at her house a few times and she always seemed to know her way around the kitchen. This looks like it will be my husbands favorite - we have some fresh frozen Alaskan Salmon in the freezer I will have to get out to cook this weekend!  Thanks Marie! Hugs to you.......
Baked salmon w/ vegetables


1.  Nice piece of Salmon (Costco sells terrific salmon)

2.  (any fruit combination, chopped, such as:  peaches/strawberrys;  kiwis/strawberrys; apples/kiwis/strawberrys;   3.  fresh mint if you can find it.)  chop fruit and mint; 
*((for xtra zest add: chopped onion and/or chopped jalipeno hot peppers to this fruit mixture for xtra zest))

4.  olive oil (bottom of pan)
5. chopped spinach (line bottom of pan w/ spinach)

6.  any kind of vegetables,  such as:  carrots, onions, broccoli;  onions, mushrooms, califlower;  whatever vege's you have.
7.  1/2 cup orange juice

a.  Get rectangular cake pan
b. put olive oil on bottom of pan
c.  line bottom of pan w/ bed of chopped spinach.

d.  Place salmon in middle of pan, ( right on top of that bed of spinach).
e.  salt and pepper the salmon
f.  sprinkle dill  on salmon

g.  put vegetables around the entire pan (all around the salmon); 
h.  pour 1/2 cup of orange juice around all the vegetables.  (for steam when baking)

i.  On top of that piece of salmon, place chopped mixed fruit/mint/(onion/jalipeno) mixture, (covering entire piece of salmon w/ the fruit mixture).

Cover pan w/ aluminum foil

Bake at 400 degrees for (depending on size of salmon) 30-45 minutes, but check. don't over bake.

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